Investment advisory services

Our company has been involved in investment advices. Therefore, at the beginning of the process we will ensure the process of financial due diligence (DD) e.g. for purchase/sale of a company or for M & A services, benchmarking, etc. Our experiences with ensuring DD is not only in the part of the investment and financial but also technical area.

Our team has experiences with large financial groups in the Czech Republic.

We help customers with financing their project, especially in cases where the customer does not get a loan from the bank.
In such cases, we provide investment in the non-banking sector, e.g. through the P2P platform.
We will help to evaluate and analyze the risks for potential investors. Our main objective in this area is to connect investors with interesting investment opportunities.
Our team will also help you buy or sell your company. We can offer a range of services starting to find a suitable counterparty (buyer / seller) to finance the project.